Virtual Reality as a Service.
Any website. Any device.

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VRbutton is a cloud service which allows to show 360° content (a photo, video, virtual tours) on any website in the virtual reality mode with the headtracking.

Supported devices:

  • Oculus Quest
  • Oculus Go
  • Samsung Gear VR
  • Google Cardboard
  • Durovis Dive
  • Dodo Case VR
  • Homido VR headset
  • Other VR headsets

Service doesn't require installation of additional plug-ins and works in the browser.
Supported mobile OS:iOS 8.0+, Android 4.2+, WindowsPhone.
On personal computers and laptops content is displayed in mono mode with possibility to rotate the view.

Easy upload 360° photos and video

Modern technologies allow you to take 360° photos by the ordinary modern smartphone. Uploading of the finished shooting material on the website is actually easy like uploading a photo on the Instagram.

Make the full VR tour in a couple of minutes

Combine 360° photo in solid tour! Pick transitions points by mouse and welcome to the virtual world! Load up to 199 photos in one tour, online!

Simple integration

Just copy a tour code in the right place of the web page and the virtual reality will appear on your site! Programming skills are not required. It's easy!

Use the service as library

Store photos and video on your server and update them dynamically. Simply connect library and add additional attributes to the img tags while loading.

Use in the real estate

Virtual walks on apartments become really available!

You don’t need to spend money on professional services in spherical shooting any more! Thanks to modern technologies, 360° photos can be made in a couple of minutes by means of the ordinary smartphone! Shooting can be made by practically any user - whether it is the realtor at primary survey of the object or the owner of real estate – that reduce the cost of creation of virtual tour almost to zero!

The VRbutton service will display 360° pictures right on your website along with usual photos, and their viewing in virtual reality device will create the real immersion effect and will allow your clients to decide if they really need to physically visit the object.

Example of 360° photo of an apartment. Click on the blue button to watch.

Use in the tourism

Want to show clients the hotel territory, but photos don't pass all its beauty?

Want to tell about a fine private beach, but you totally ran out of words?

Welcome to the world of virtual travel, where every tourist is able to visit any most exotic places of our planet!

Creation of virtual tours has stopped being expensive pleasure - now you can take the spherical picture by yourself! To view it you don’t need to install any extra programs or appendices - the VRbutton service allows to carry out virtual walk directly from the web-browser!

Example of small VR tour. Click on the blue button to watch.

Use as VR video player

Welcome to the new generation of video entertainment!

Viewing 360° and 180° movies with the real immersion effect!

Works directly from the browser!

100% support of 3D video in the Side-by-Side and Over-Under format.

Viewing of the plane video in the “movie theater” mode.

Install service on any video hosting in a couple of minutes.

Example of 180°-3d video. Click on the blue button to watch.
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